The Donna Guthrie Arts Fund

Founded as a non-profit in 2011, as a very special birthday gift for Donna Guthrie by her friends and family,

this fund leverages the power of films, theater, and music to communicate the power of literature.

Our Mission

The Donna Guthrie Arts Fund embraces all forms of art — dance, theater, film, music — to engage audiences in the conversation about literacy and its inextricable link to living a passionate, meaningful life.


The Six Women Playwriting Festival 2012-2016

The Colorado Springs Book Group Summer Roundup 2010-2014

The Read to the Children Program 2011-2013

The Children of the Canyon Fire 2012

Musical Mondays 2011-2013

Free Little Library 2013-2017

Youth Documentary Academy 2015

Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival 2016

The Pikes Peak Arts Council is supported in part by

Colorado Creative Industries and the National Endowment for the Arts

Fossil Craft Beer Company is the proud beer sponsor of Pikes Peak Arts Council Member Mixers