SPARK & KILN highlights the work and marriage of local artists Don and Maxine Green. Over the past fifty years, their well-known sculptures have adorned the Western United States. These two inspiring octogenarians remind us that artists don’t retire. SPARK & KILN screened at thirteen film festivals, including, The Durango Film Festival, Durango, Colorado, Nacogdoches Film Festival, Nacogdoches, Texas, Clean Shorts Film Festival, Chocktaw, Oklahoma, Cinema Soup Film Festival, AMITY4r4

Peoria, IL, Tea Break Film Festival Yorkshire, England,  Lyons Film Festival, Lyons, Colorado, Nevada Women’s Film Festival, 

Las Vegas, NV, Square Lake Film Festival, Stillwater, MN, Wendy’s Shorts, Austin, TX, Another Independent International Film Festival,

 Eau Claire, WI, International Film Festival For Less-15, Santa Monica, CA, OZARK SHORTS, La Mar, MO, and UNION CITY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Union City, NJ.


THE WEDDING GOWN PROJECT is a short documentary exploring the meaning of the wedding gown, a dress worn for about four hours on one special day and then kept forever. In 1840, Queen Victoria wore a white wedding dress, which started a trend that became a tradition. The movie is an opportunity to understand why the wedding gown is so essential to the concept of marriage, regardless of how traditional or non-traditional that marriage might be. The WEDDING GOWN PROJECT screened at eight film festivals, including, The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival, Colorado Springs, CO,  Indie Spirit Film Festival, Colorado Springs, CO,  Everett Women’s Film Festival, Everett, WA, Albany Film Festival, Albany, CA, South Dakota Film Festival, Aberdeen, SD, Silver Screen International Film Festival, Tampa, FL, Airdrie Film Festival, Alberta, Canada, and The Jamaica International Faith Film Festival, Sunrise, Florida.


WESTERN JUBILEE is a documentary film about a private music venue and recording studio in Colorado Springs, CO, devoted to traditional cowboy music. The film features avid collector Scott O’Malley, the owner of Western Jubilee, and Grammy-nominated cowboy singer Don Edwards. These two men share a friendship, an obsession, and a genuine love for all things cowboy. WESTERN JUBILEE was screened at over thirty film festivals, including, The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival, Colorado, Springs, CO, Grenada Film Festival, Grenada, Sydney Film Festival: Music Week, Sydney, Australia, Tea Break Film Festival,

York, England, Perennial Film Festival, Port Charlotte, FL, Albany Film Festival, Albany, CA, Cabin Fever Film Festival, Sharon, PA, Kingman Film Festival, Kingman, AZ, Prison City Film Festival, Huntsville, TX, Southern Colorado Film Festival, Alamosa, CO, Nacogdoches Film Festival, Nacogdoches, TX, South Georgia Film Festival,

Valdosta, GA, Clean Shorts Film Festival, Choctaw, OK, Colorado Short Circuit Film Festival, Colorado Springs, CO, Storymode Film Festival, Pueblo, CO, Walkerville Film Festival, Ontario, Canada, Independent Days Internationale, Karlsruhe, Germany

BLINKA JAMUrban Arts Film Festival, Lubbock, TX, Rejected Reel Film Festival, Chamblee, GA, Indie Art Con Film Festival, Savoy, IL, May Day Film Festival, Evanston, IN, Splice Film Festival, Erie, PA, Music in Cinema Film Festival, Atlanta, GA, Copper Mountain Film Festival, Copper Mountain, CO. 2018 Frozen Film Festival, San Francisco, CA, Cinema Soup Film Festival, De Kalb, IL, Jefferson State FLIXX FEST, Fort Jones, Ca, Chautauqua International Film Festival, Jamestown, NY, Hildago Film Festival, Hildago, Mexico, Five Dollar Fifteen Minute Film Festival, Wheeling, WV, Jukebox International Film Festival, Carson City, NV, Shortz Film Festival, Chico, CA, Rebel Minded Society Film Festival, New York, NY, World Music and Independent Film Festival, Jefferson, VA, Jerome Indie Music & Film Festival, Jerome, AZ, Melrose Film Festival, Orlando, FL, Colorado International Film Festival, Wheatridge, CO, Go West Film Festival, Greeley, CO The Wild Bunch Film Festival, Harrah, OK, Wavestock Film Festival, Staten Island, NY, Lake Charles Music and Film Festival, Lake Charles, LA, and The Marcellus Family Mini Movie Festival, Marcellus, NY.